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Energy-Efficient Greenhouse Kits

Ceres steel kits are super energy efficient growing environments for sustainable and abundant year-round growing. Using insulation, superior glazing and passive solar design it is capable of growing more, using less energy.

More information on specifications and preliminary pricing on our BackYard and HighYield™ kits are provided in the brochures below.

BackYard Greenhouse Kits

10′ x 12′  &  12′ x 18′   &  12′ x 24′

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HighYield™ Greenhouse Kits

920 – 3,600 sq. ft.

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Our energy-efficient year round greenhouse kits are made with pre-fabricated galvanized steel frames. We combine this with insulated metal panels, which give the greenhouse far superior energy-efficiency following passive solar greenhouse design.

Our standard glazing is a tri-wall, 16 mm polycarbonate. Glazing materials can be customized to suit your climate conditions and growing goals.

Our HighYield Kits are available in a range of dimensions from 120 – 3,600 sq. ft., suiting either backyard hobby growers or small-scale commercial farmers. Please see the Specifications below for available dimensions.



We pride ourselves in creating the most energy-efficient commercial greenhouse kits on the market. These integrate an R-20 insulated North wall, superior glazing, and passive solar greenhouse design. The result is a more stable year-round environment, lower energy bills and higher profits.


Every kit is engineered for local conditions by our in-house structural engineers. Steel frames provide a durable commercial greenhouse kit. Triple-wall polycarbonate comes with a 10-year warranty to make sure your investment lasts.

High Productivity

By reducing temperature fluctuations, a Ceres commercial greenhouse kit creates a stable indoor growing environment that is easier to control. That reduces stress on plants, increasing overall yields.


Kits come in two depths: 23’ and 30’ deep and are scalable in increments of 4’. For more customized designs, please see our custom commercial greenhouses.

HighYield Greenhouse Specifications

Greenhouse frame is hot-dipped galvanized steel 2” x 4” framing sections, pre-cut to length. Kits include all galvanized steel hardware for easy assembly on site.

HighYield greenhouses are built in two widths: 23’ and 30’. Length can be scaled to any size, in 4’ increments. Below are some common dimensions. Other dimensions possible.

Length Width Square Footage
12′ (3.6 m ) 10′ (3 m ) 120 sq. ft. (36.6 sq. m)
24′ (7.3 m) 12′ (3.6 m) 288 sq. ft. (87.8 sq. m)
40’ (12 m) 23’ (7 m) 920 sq. ft. (280.4 sq. m)
40’ (12 m) 30’ (9 m) 1,200 sq. ft. (366 sq. m)
96’ (29 m) 30’ (9 m) 2,880 sq. ft. (853.4 sq. m)
120’ (36.5 m) 30’ (9 m) 3,600 sq. ft. (1,097 sq. m)

HighYield Greenhouse Kits can be engineered to meet local wind loads and snow loads. Kits include custom building engineering and a stamp by a structural engineer for local site conditions.

Standard glazing is triple-wall, 16 mm polycarbonate. Tri-wall polycarbonate provides an insulated material (R-2.7) and high light transmittance (77%) to create a high-productivity and energy-efficient greenhouse. Includes weather proof attachment system, end caps, vent tape and all hardware necessary for installation.

HighYield Kits include exhaust fans and intake vents, sized to meet the cooling load of the greenhouse (depending on climate).

Growing systems are customized according to growers’ needs, and specified after a consultation. Ceres can size, design and source:

      • Growing systems – including hydroponic and aquaponic systems
      • Light deprivation / black-out systems
      • Supplemental lighting, automated shade systems
      • Climate control and HVAC equipment
      • Climate controls and monitoring systems

Ceres can customize doors (number and placement), vents and exhaust fans, and greenhouse materials. Please contact us about desired modifications.

We ship all greenhouse materials for HighYield Greenhouse Kits to the job site (anywhere in the US or Canada. Contact us about international sales). A local greenhouse installer erects the greenhouse. We recommend hiring one of Ceres Construction Managers to oversee the greenhouse construction process. Construction Management services can be included in a quote for the greenhouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Energy-Efficient Greenhouse Kits

We can ship HighYield Kits internationally. Most of our clients are located in the US and Canada. Due to the higher cost of shipping internationally, most commercial greenhouse growers in other countries use our consulting services, or design and engineering services.

You can install a HighYield Kit yourself, or hire installation out to a local contractor. You can also opt to have a Ceres construction supervisor oversee the construction process and direct your building crew.

This depends on your level on construction experience. Assembling a HighYield Kit requires significant construction experience, and a crew of at least 3 people. You can get a sense of the steps needed to build a HighYield kit from our video. The following equipment and tools are required to install a HighYield Kit:

  • Riveter
  • Hammer drill
  • Boom lift with forks and cage
  • Circular saw with metal blade
  • Corded impact driver

If you have experience with those tools, you can probably build a HighYield Kit on your own. We still recommend hiring one of Ceres Construction Managers to assist with the process.

Because each greenhouse is slightly different – tailored for your climate and growing goals—we provide custom quotes for all our energy-efficient commercial greenhouses. Pricing starts at $35 per sq. ft. for un-installed greenhouses. Please contact us to start a custom greenhouse quote.

Yes, we offer our own renewable heating / cooling system, as well as other climate control and growing systems.

Growing systems are customized according to growers’ needs, and specified after a consultation. Ceres can size, design and source:

  • Hydroponic and aquaponic systems
  • Light deprivation / black-out systems
  • Supplemental lighting, automated shade systems
  • Climate control and HVAC equipment
  • Climate controls and monitoring systems
The HighYield Kit went up quickly and easily. Now I have a greenhouse I know will last and grow without being a huge drain on my wallet.”  
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