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“We built our greenhouse to be more than a place to grow plants or a source of healthy food. It’s a year-round classroom where we can teach everything from basic plant life cycles to the ethical issues of the global food supply. At the end of the day, healthy bodies and minds go hand in hand.”
Mike ImperiHead of School, Vail Mountain School

Create a year-round, multi-purpose gardening classroom

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Many of us know the benefits of learning gardens – healthier students, better learning metrics. Ceres’ energy-efficient, year-round greenhouses enable:

  • Students to access a learning garden year-round
  • Teachers to fully integrate hands-on learning in the classroom, and take advantage of increased learning opportunities
  • Schools to save money with low operating costs, and create an green image for the school

More than just your typical greenhouse, a super energy-efficient greenhouse contributes to the school overall. With a limited heating and cooling requirement, Ceres greenhouses reduce operational costs and maintenance while growing healthy food fruits and vegetables year-round.

Most importantly, CERES’ solar greenhouse design and energy-efficient technologies present a hands-on learning opportunity for critical math and science topics:

  • Principles of biology
  • Building design and energy transfer
  • Light and seasonal changes
  • Heat storage and thermal mass
  • Seasons and growing cycles
  • Laboratory experiments

Bring the Benefits of Gardening to your Community

In research studies, gardening has been associated with numerous health benefits, including:

  • Reduced symptoms of depression and stress
  • A connection to nature
  • Lowered risk of dementia
  • Improved mobility

A year-round greenhouse can bring the natural healing powers of gardening to retirement homes, correctional facilities, schools, businesses… any place that has space a need for fresh local food and a vibrant community.

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