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Energy-Efficient, Automated Cannabis Greenhouses

Maximum Yields + Maximum Control

Design an Efficient Cannabis Greenhouse

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Healthier Crops

Ceres automated cannabis greenhouses control light levels, temperature, humidity and air flow for abundant growing environment. An energy-efficient cannabis greenhouse naturally maintains stable temperatures — reducing stress on plants and increasing yields.

Maximum Yields

An energy-efficient cannabis greenhouse gives you the best of both worlds: a highly controlled environment and free, high-intensity sunlight. Ceres cannabis greenhouses are also equipped with supplemental grow lights, and automated light deprivation systems.

Superior Durability

We use hybrid greenhouse design — combining a glazed roof and insulated metal walls. Walls are constructed of 3” thick insulated metal insulated panels to create an energy-efficient and durable greenhouse. This also makes the building secure like a warehouse.

Why Choose a Ceres Cannabis Greenhouse?

100% Light Deprivation

We provide automated light deprivation systems, customized for your cannabis greenhouse. Using ‘light-lock’ technology and customized systems ensures a tight seal of the curtains and 100% black out conditions.

  • Light deprivation systems are customized for your greenhouse structure
  • Fully sealed perimeters with custom built light-lock gutters creates 100% black out conditions
  • Integrates with easy to operate controls
  • Light deprivation curtains are UV-stabilized for longest lifespan
  • Custom built motors and motor control with automatic load
  • automated cannabis greenhouse
  • year round cannabis greenhouse

Closed & Controlled

Ceres technology allows a greenhouse to be completely sealed, limiting the amount of air exhausted and mitigating odors from the greenhouse. A closed cannabis greenhouse provides:

  • Complete odor elimination from cannabis growing
  • Cost-effective odor control, without the use of costly air filters
  • No risk of cross-pollination with hemp strains
  • Greater environmental control
  • Lower energy costs from efficient re-use of greenhouse heat

Highest Energy-Efficiency on the Market

Ceres cannabis greenhouses are constructed like a warehouse with a durable polycarbonate roof — often called a hybrid cannabis greenhouse design. We use the highest insulation rating of any cannabis greenhouse on the market. This creates an energy-efficient grow that reduces energy use, and maximizes profits. Most customizable greenhouses include:

  • 3″ thick metal insulated walls (Insulation rating of R-21)
  • Triple-wall polycarbonate (Insulation rating of R-2.7)
  • Light deprivation curtains which also provide moveable nighttime insulation for better heat retention
  • Galvanized steel framing engineered for local wind and snow loads
  • energy efficient cannabis greenhouse
  • energy efficient cannabis greenhouse
  • light dep cannabis greenhouse

Renewable Climate Control

Ceres’ specializes in efficient and renewable climate control for commercial greenhouses, and can integrate appropriate systems to create a high-performance, automated cannabis greenhouse. These include:

  • Ceres’ Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT™) system which provides renewable year-round heating, cooling and humidity control
  • Supplementary lights for increased yields
  • Humidity control
  • Integrated control systems for automated operation

The result is an automated, high-performance greenhouse that minimizes energy costs and increases yields.

Game-Changing Design

Ceres hybrid cannabis greenhouse designs integrate galvanized steel frames, insulated metal panels, and triple-wall polycarbonate. The result is a greenhouse that combines the durability and efficiency of a warehouse with the energy savings and natural lighting of a greenhouse. Tested in climates all around the world, Ceres greenhouses:

  • Save energy and money
  • Create a healthy growing environment
  • Reduce the risk pests, molds, and diseases
  • Provide a long-lasting investment with a durable, engineered structure

Going green with a energy-efficient greenhouse also sets your company apart as one that values sustainability. Most importantly, the structure reduces operational costs, saving thousands in operational costs over the long-run. Contact us for a specific payback analysis.

Energy-Efficient Cannabis Greenhouse Case Study

3,000 sq. ft. High-Altitude Cannabis Greenhouse

Located at 10,000 ft. elevation near Leadville, Colorado, this is the most energy-efficient cannabis greenhouse in the US to date. The commercial cannabis growers selected Ceres Greenhouses to design and build the 3,000 sq. ft. custom commercial greenhouse for high-productivity, year-round cannabis production.


Frequently Asked Questions

We provide customized quotes for all commercial greenhouses, as each structure is optimized for the climate and growing considerations. Pricing varies according to structure as well as your indoor growing requirements. Base pricing starts at $30 per sq. ft. Please contact us for a detailed quote or free consultation about your project.

Our commercial energy-efficient greenhouses are made with galvanized steel frames. We combine the frame with insulated metal panels, commonly used in warehouses or large industrial buildings. These provide high insulation values and fast, cost-effective installation.

Our standard glazing is a triple wall, 16mm polycarbonate on all of our commercial greenhouses. In colder climates, the triple wall polycarbonate allows us to retain more heat while allowing 77% light transmission. Alternate glazing materials, specified for your climate and growing conditions, are available.

Yes, we source growing systems and equipment according to your needs. We work directly with systems suppliers to ensure that growing systems integrate seamlessly with the greenhouse structure.

Systems include:

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