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An industry leader in advanced, 21st century year-round growing environments.

  • Founded in 2011, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions aims to reinvent the traditional greenhouse. We combine passive solar design principles with innovative heat-storage techniques to create the most energy efficient, flexible and durable greenhouses for any climate in the world. The result of constant innovation is the most energy-efficient greenhouse commercially available. Our solutions can be found around the world, in climates as far-ranging as Alaska to South Korea.
  • Our clients span backyard gardeners, sustainable farmers, school administrator, forward-thinking cannabis grower, and big industrial growers.” The result is a smarter, ‘greener’ greenhouse: one that regulates it’s own temperature, can grow year-round, withstands the harshest weather, and uses little to no fossil fuel energy.

A Creative and Diverse Team

Ceres core team consists of engineers, architects, builders, plant experts, designers and tinkerers. We also work with certified general contractors, horticulturists and specialists in greenhouse growing and climate control systems.


Marc Plinke | Chief Operating Officer

Marc is an inventor-innovator who started his career as a chemical and process engineer working for Gore Technologies. When landed in Boulder, CO, he retrofitted his family’s 1950’s ranch house into a “beyond-net-zero-energy home.” That experience led him into his second career in green building design. He has spent the past decade applying his engineering mindset and expertise to building better greenhouses. After helping build a state-of-the-art commercial greenhouse funded by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Marc started Ceres with the intention of enabling people to grow their own food sustainably and year-round. Marc’s passion is his family and his belief in leaving the world a better place for his children.


Josh Holleb | Project Manager / Sales Engineer

Josh brings 10 years of experience in residential and custom home building to Ceres, plus a wealth of experience helping growing operations of all kinds succeed. He has operated a 10,000 gallon solar heated aquaponic farm at 8,000 ft in elevation and a 5,000 sq. ft. indoor growing system, and has also managed organic farms. Josh manages communication between the client and our design, production and installation team, ensuring that our ever-growing list of clients coast to coast has the best possible experience from the time they place their order until they are growing year-round in their greenhouse. In his free time you will find him working in his wood shop, playing in the mountains, gardening, or drinking delicious beers.


Lindsey Schiller |Marketing and Business Development Director

Lindsey leads Ceres’ business strategy, marketing, and growing array of educational content. Prior to Ceres, she developed a knack for communications while coordinating outreach campaigns for utility companies in Alaska and Wisconsin. She honed a love of gardening by working on a farm in Hawaii and for a landscape design firm in Boulder, CO. Other than gardening, she enjoys dogs, cabins, hiking, and carbohydrates of any kind.


Paige Schavey | Residential Projects Manager

Paige is an environmental designer with a passion for all aspects of sustainability and design. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Colorado, Paige brings years of experience of design thinking and production to Ceres, where she manages the local residential projects. In her free time, you will find her in the wilderness somewhere or in the workshop, crafting away on a new project.


Karin Uhlig | Customer Relationship Manager

Karin brings an invaluable administrative and organizational prowess to the team. She manages customer relationships, ensuring that we are there to meet a client’s needs from project start to finish. After working in Europe, Asia and various parts of the U.S., Karin and her family moved to Boulder in 2012 to enjoy a different lifestyle. She also manages a busy household of three growing boys, and loves to read and be outdoors when she can.


Brian Van Way | Commercial Projects Manager

Brian supports clients with the implementation of our prefabricated HighYield steel greenhouses. With 15 years of building experience, Brian has has been responsible for countless projects and millions of dollars in home rehabs. His breadth of work experience matches his education, from carpenter to educational technology consultant to data analyst. A self-described terrible fisherman, his days off in the summer are spent unsuccessfully sneaking up on trout in remote creeks.

Bill Zanoni

Bill Zanoni | Project Management and Architectural Design

Bill Zanoni holds a master’s degree in architecture from Montana State University. He brings extensive experience in architecture, building design and construction to the Ceres team. Bill helps clients design custom, year-round residential and educational greenhouses. He is also the primary residential and commercial GAHT system designer at Ceres. In his free time, you’ll find him growing in his garden, and chasing his wife and two young children around the wild mountains and rivers of Montana.


We work with leading companies in controlled environment agriculture to create the most advanced, energy-efficient greenhouses possible.

Wadsworth Controls

Climate Controls, Light Deprivation and Shade System

Wadsworth has led the greenhouse controls and automation industry for 50 years. They specialize in greenhouse climate controls, light deprivation systems, automated shade curtain systems and automated vent systems.

The Aquaponic Source

Residential Aquaponics Parts and Kits

Ceres has worked with The Aquaponic Source for six years, designing and engineering greenhouse to seamlessly integrate with turn-key aquaponic kits. Founded by Sylvia Bernstein in 2009, The Aquaponic Source provides materials, complete home systems and educational resources to the back-yard aquaponic gardener. It is now owned by JD and Tawnya Sawyer who also operate Colorado Aquaponics.

Colorado Aquaponics

Commercial Aquaponics Design and Systems

Colorado Aquaponics works provides consulting, education, business planning and system design for a range of aquaponic growers. Founded by JD and Tawnya Sawyer, Colorado Aquaponics provides essential consulting for Ceres’ commercial aquaponics greenhouse clients. JD and Tawnya are experts in their field, having run and managed a successful 3,000 sq. ft. commercial aquaponics greenhouse in Denver, Colorado called Flourish Farms.

Farm Tub

Self-watering Planters

Farm Tub builds self-watering planters for space-efficient growing. The planters include a wicking reservoir in the bottom so that the roots are watered from the bottom up. This helps reduce water usage and control humidity levels in energy-efficient residential greenhouses.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

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