At Ceres we take a different approach to greenhouse design. Using proven passive solar design principles, we prioritize energy-efficiency, and abundant year-round growing. We pair this with innovative climate control technologies to deliver the most productive, cost-effective growing environments on the market.


Create your own slice of Costa Rica right in your backyard with an abundant year-round greenhouse.

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Energy-efficient commercial greenhouses reduce energy use and increases profits. Moreover, they are the sustainable choice.

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From kindergarten to college, our greenhouses provide year-round gardening classrooms for institutions across the country.

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Our Areas of Expertise


Aquaponics requires a durable, energy-efficient greenhouse to control heating and cooling costs and protect your investment.

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Super energy-efficient hybrid greenhouses and innovative climate control deliver the most advanced cannabis greenhouses on the market.

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Renewable Climate Control

Ceres Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT™) systems use the soil underground to deliver heating / cooling at a fraction of the cost.

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Ceres Greenhouse vs. Traditional Greenhouse

  • Ceres Greenhouse
  • Standard Greenhouse
  • Outdoor Temperature
Why Ceres?
  • Create a lush, abundant, year-round backyard greenhouse
  • Maintain stable, healthy, year-round conditions for plants
  • Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels


Low: 35°F

High: 71°F


Low: 2°F

High: 57°F


Low: 6°F

Avg: 19°F

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Not sure where to begin? Browse our portfolio and see some of the unique and innovative solutions we have custom built for our clients.

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“How to Design a Passive Solar Greenhouse” gives unique insight into our design process and explains Ceres’ advantage over other designs.

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